30 June 2015

Gabriel Meffre, a Socially Responsible Winery

In June 2015, our Corporate Social Responsibility approach (CSR) was awarded one of the highest levels of the AFAQ assessment: "level 3 - confirmed"...


The Gabriel Meffre Winery has received its first and very positive assessment with 663 points out of 1000, achieving level “3-confirmed” out of 4, after the AFAQ 26000 evaluation performed by AFNOR Certification, the leading independent certification organisation in France and a pioneer in social responsibility assessment.
The AFAQ 26000 method measures a company's contribution to sustainable development defined by the IS0 26000 standard, the only CSR assessment standard approved internationally by experts.
All of our practices (from the vine to storage) as well as our social, economic and environmental achievements were assessed over 3 days in Gigondas. In their report, the two independent experts paid tribute to the “serious approach, professional attitude and clear commitment of the Management and all employees to Corporate Responsibility".

“Because sustainable development is part of our corporate project, because it requires continuous effort and great adaptation and because the relationships with our staff, our stakeholders and our performance depend on the quality of this commitment, we are particularly proud of this result which celebrates and honours our corporate philosophy" declared Eric Brousse, CEO, when the results were announced.


Through its Sustainable Development project, the Gabriel Meffre Winery has created a policy of responsibility focused on strong strategic directions:

  • Economic performance: developing wines adapted to specific characteristics of the markets, where we are present in France and abroad
  • Social performance, encouraging openness, dialogue and teamwork
  • Respect for the environment, àthrough the choice of sustainable practices in its various fields - Terra Vitis label, recycling programmes, economy of water & electricity...
  • Establishing proximity, encouraging sustainable and local partnerships

The assessment highlighted our concrete results and showed us the path towards future progress and improvements” explained Etienne Maffre, Vice President. "For 2018, the year of our next assessment, our objective is to achieve level "4-exemplary performance".