Our Actions


developpement local

Local development

  • 817 jobs in France supported thanks to our activity 
  • 1 "Gabriel Meffre" employee supports 6.2 jobs in France, among which 48% in our region. 
  • 362 indirect jobs are supported among the whole supplier chain.
  • 65 touristic events organised every year by our Wine Cellar Shop.




  • ORGANIC Certification currently in progress at Domaine de Longue Toque in Gigondas (2020 - last year of conversion).
  • High Environmental Value Certification (HVE3) obtained by Château Grand Escalion.
  • 84% of waste are recovered in 2018 (vs 79% in 2014) and -29% waste tonnage treated in 2018 vs 2015.
  • Use of a draught horse on our parcels of old Grenache in Gigondas. 
  • "Biodiversity" Diagnostic carried out on Domaine de Longue Toque with local associations and setting up of actions in favor of flora & fauna protection.
  • Massal selection on Domaine de Longue Toque. In 2020, 50% of the vineyard will be made up of grapes produced using this type of selection in order to preserve the genetic heritage of our vines




Fair practices

  • Drafting & sharing of our Sustainable Purchasing Charter among our stakeholders.
  • Training of employees in "sensitive positions" (sales, marketing, purchasing) in ethics and anti-corruption practices.
  • Drafting & sharing of our Ethical Charter to our stakeholders.
  • Creation of a CSR questionnaire for referencing among suppliers with the integration of eco-design and responsible purchasing criteria.




  • In 2015, creation of the lightest emblazoned screwcap bottle on the market (410g vs 520g). 
  • In 2019, creation of two new eco-designed bottles. All three models represent a saving of 340T of CO2 per year (corresponding to 4.706 round trips Paris/London by plane).
  • Development of "engaged wine"  ranges : organic wines, sulphur-free cuvées...
  • Set objective to have 60% of our winegrower partners engaged in sustainable approaches within 5 years : organic, HVE3...).
  • Average sulphite quantity in our wines largely below the limits authorized in organic viticulture m (-13% on red wines, -48% on white wines, -31% on rosé wines).




Responsible Governance

  • Integration of the central areas of the ISO 26000 in our corporate strategy.
  • Holding of regular and participative staff meetings.
  • Running of CSR workshops within the Winery.
  • 67% of the added value has been redistributed to our employees in 2018 (profit-sharing).
  • Active involvment of our CEO in the wine industry to share our commitments towards sustainable development and promote the CSR approach towards other Wineries.



Working conditions & Personal Growth

  • 16 health & safety respresentative employees
  • 185 actions carried out every year to prevent health risks
  • 14.8 years of average seniority in 2018, proof of the attractiveness of our Winery. 
  • 11.5% turnover rate (vs 54.3% in companies employing more than 50 people in France).
  • Regular investments in material allowing the reduction of MSDs. 
  • 53% of women as part of the total staff in 2019 (vs 44% in the wine industry)
  • Professional gender equality in 2019 : 84/100