Constantly improving the way we manage waste and water

A word about eco-design

Launched in 2009, we are continuing with our initiative to reduce the weight of the glass for a proportion of our bottles. Our aim is to improve our carbon footprint whilst reducing the load needing to be carried (by our employees right through to the consumer) whilst maintaining the visual and technical integrity of the bottles. This weight reduction programme applies to three screw-top models and, just recently, to an emblazoned model with a traditional cork. This represents an unprecedented technical feat by our glass-making supplier O-I as well as our own teams.

Switching to eco-designed grooving on cardboard boxes has reduced their thickness by 25% to 30%, with a similar reduction to storage surface areas and the number of lorries required – thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

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Discovering the art of pairing wine and chocolate

A morsel of white chocolate, Black Forest gâteau, pieces of stem ginger wrapped in chocolate, or Mexican chicken in chocolate sauce—all very appetising, but which wine would you serve with each one? Food and wine pairings factor in a combination of elements, such as the terroir, our powers of concentration, the circumstances of the tasting session, our sense memory and more. We guide you through some of the basic principles of this fascinating world!