Quality of life in the workplace: launching our plan of action

Launched during the CSR Workshops on 25th June 2021, the quality-of-life in the workplace survey took the form of a questionnaire sent out to employees in July. Analysed with the help of an external consultant, the results were shared with the Social & Economic Committee, which then worked with the management team to build a plan of action covering the short, medium and long term, based around four priorities:

training and developing skills;

recognition and reward;

career management;

internal communication.

Meetings took place in Spring 2022, and a schedule is currently being drawn up. “The ultimate aim is to improve the company’s appeal and build quality of life in the workplace into its strategic roadmap,” states Laurent Thibault, Chief Financial and HR Officer, “in a way that is consistent with the roll-out of the employer brand.”

2021 survey results

Highest satisfaction ratings

Management of the Covid-19 pandemic: 89 %

Interpersonal relationships: 85 %

Work organisation: 83 %

Working from home: 83 %

Employees satisfied with Gabriel Meffre as an employer: 75 %

80 % participation rate in 2021, stable compared to 2018: 81%

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