“Low so2”

Sulphites are traditionally used in wine due to their antioxidant and antiseptic properties. They help prevent the development of bacteria and organoleptic defects, but some people are allergic to them and excessive SO2 can make the wine feel dry, explains wine quality and purchasing director Véronique Torcolacci, or may mask certain flavours. “Certain vintages are more prone to deviations, which is why we conduct tailored checks with regular tastings and analytical monitoring. We have reduced the sulphite content to 100mg for the reds and 150 mg for the whites and rosés, for conventional as well as organic wines, whilst retaining the quality of the cuvées.” Sulphite contents equal to or lowerthan those of organic wines Permitted limit for organicin mg per l Conventional Meffre wines Organic Meffre wines Rosés -30 % -38 % Blancs -20 % -26 % Rouges -48 %

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Discovering the art of pairing wine and chocolate

A morsel of white chocolate, Black Forest gâteau, pieces of stem ginger wrapped in chocolate, or Mexican chicken in chocolate sauce—all very appetising, but which wine would you serve with each one? Food and wine pairings factor in a combination of elements, such as the terroir, our powers of concentration, the circumstances of the tasting session, our sense memory and more. We guide you through some of the basic principles of this fascinating world!