Women at Maison Gabriel Meffre: portrait of Valérie Vincent, Head of Marketing and Communication

What does your work at Maison Gabriel Meffre involve?

My team and I are in charge of developing the Winery’s brands, both in France and in export markets. We also promote Maison Gabriel Meffre and its wines at trade shows and events. We define the global communication policy, ensuring that it is in phase with the overall strategy and respects our CSR approach. In addition, we manage digital communication, the media plan and press relations.

“Our department is responsible for Maison Gabriel Meffre’s image, inside and outside the company”

Could you tell us about your news and what you’re working on at the moment?

The pandemic has disrupted our daily work. Commercially speaking, the year begins with two major professional wine events: Wine Paris and Prowein. We meet most of our clients at these events and it is an opportunity to present the work completed during the previous year, including new vintages and ranges, while gathering their needs. The cancellation of Prowein forced us to think differently about how we launch our projects.

During the lockdown, we thought about how to resume and maintain contact with clients, which we will not be able to see often over the six to eight coming months, particularly on far export markets.

How will you adapt the communication strategy to stay in touch with your clients?

We are definitely turning digital.

“With our clients, video and video-conferencingtools, as well as social networks, are essential !”

I really think that it is also profitable for our partners because we can offer an even more personalised experience. We can recreate the conditions of a face-to-face meeting with the sales manager, while involving the winemaker, our brand ambassador or even the brand manager, depending on the subjects being covered.

I’m also working on augmented reality. This was one of our long-term projects. The current situation has speed up the development of our digital strategy.

Is there a project that is particularly important to you?

It is essential to stay tuned to trends & markets and be able to think “outside the box”. I’m curious and always asking myself questions, in order to identify areas where we can improve. While it is important to maintain the strategic course set by our management, creativity and innovation are essential and particularly important to me.

In which areas does communication have a particular role to play?

Maison Gabriel Meffre is a pioneer in the area of social responsibility. It is somewhat complicated to communicate on this subject, as consumers are currently bombarded with information about respect for the environment, nature and organic products. I like the approach of our Winery, which has adopted a more global way of thinking.

” CSR isn’t just about taking measures to protect the environment it also means taking into account social issues and adopting virtuous economic policies. It is a sustainable development strategy with long-term goals and a real challenge to constantly improve in all areas!”

What’s it like to be a woman in today’s industry?

When I started out, I had to establish myself in a very male-dominated environment. Since then, more and more women have entered the industry. It remains male-dominated in certain positions and levels of responsibility, so there is still room for improvement.

However, I’ve never been given the feeling that I’m a woman in a man’s world the values of conviviality and sharing are important here. When I arrived at Gabriel Meffre, I was hired by a CEO who had faith in people, whatever their age or gender. CEOs have come and gone, but this attitude has always remained and has allowed me to progress from CEO’s assistant, in charge of Communication to Head of Marketing and Communication.

Finally, what are you most proud of?

To have experienced and been involved in the development of the Winery. When I joined the company, there were only 40 employees. Back at that time, it had already earned a reputation as a serious Winery, which works with a focus on quality at all levels.

“While we have grown to more than 100 employees today, we have managed to maintain and enhance this image an accomplishment I’m very proud of!”

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