Easter in Springtime

The return of milder temperatures, the end of pruning, the blossoming of almond trees, the appearance of the first buds… so many reasons to celebrate the arrival of spring in at the vineyards! Not to mention it’s the perfect time to take a tour of the latest burgeoning news from Gabriel Meffre

Wine labels, more than a piece of paper…

You’re at the store looking for a new wine to try. You scan the bottles and your eyes are drawn to a label which piques your curiosity. We’ve all been there, right? At Gabriel Meffre, we place great importance in this tiny piece of paper that speaks volumes. It’s also a visual lens one can look through to tell a story about who we are.

Rich and characteristic Côtes du Rhône!

The Côtes du Rhône wine region is set on mythical terroirs on both banks of the river it is named after. The expertise and geographic characteristics of these wines are specific to each appellation in a strict pecking order. We know all too well that this ranking can be confusing to the uninitiated. To help you find your way through this hierarchy, let us shed some light on the subject!

Knowing your wine-or how to shine in society

The arrival of summer is the start of the silly season when our social calendar fills up and evenings spent with friends are aplenty. This often equates to many more occasions to imbibe wine which are also a dream opportunity to share everything you have gleaned on this most social of beverages. Read on for Gabriel Meffre’s top wine tips that will lift the veil on different aspects of the world of wine. Drop them into conversation at your next soirée and you will simply shine!