Rosé, a toast to sunny days

Savoured in the garden after work, shared with friends dining alfresco or sipped picnicking by the waterside, rosé is the perfect companion to long summer days. Which is why Gabriel Meffre has always championed this style of wine that has not always been given the credibility it deserves. Our Cuvée Amoureuse—the ideal fine-dining rosé—is the purest expression of what a rosé should be.

Our Winery on international markets: Destination Asia!

Our Winery has been in business with Asia—a multi-market region—for many years now. China, Japan and Southeast Asia are the three main export centres for rolling out our Rhone Valley wines across this vast continent. When you work on international markets, we feel it’s important to adopt an international mindset. That’s why we make a concerted effort to learn about the culture of each export country and champion an open, personable approach in our dealings with local buyers.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about… Viognier!

Gabriel Meffre works with many different types of grape, but the rare and precious Viognier is one of the varieties which generates the most interest among wine lovers. Whether it has been soaking up the rays in sunny climes or enjoying the cooler climate of the northern Rhône Valley, it delivers a palette of aromas just as delicate as the touch required to grow this temperamental grape.