Gabriel Meffre: a world of activities Chapter 1: the wine producer

Our passion for wine naturally starts in the vineyards where we are inspired by the viticultural heritage we are protecting every day. Because we want to share this enthusiasm that begins long before it reaches your glass, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what happens ‘backstage’. Today, we’re going to begin this behind-the-scenes tour looking at the role of the wine producer and the approach taken by our winery.

Our CSR programme has earned level 4 certification!

We will remember September 2018 for a long time to come! It was during this month that our winery earned ‘Level 4 – Exemplary’ certification, the highest rating given by the evaluation thereby marking an important milestone along our CSR journey. But don’t expect us to start kicking back. Buoyed by this latest nod of recognition, we will continue to stand as a point of reference for corporate social responsibility in our region.

2018 harvests, from vine stock to wine store!

Last November, we wrote about how last spring was a particularly rainy one and how 2018 concluded in what the industry typically refers to as a ‘winegrowers’ year’. What this means is that the success of the harvest is really in the hands of the winegrowers, who need to be extra vigilant when tending to the vines and swift to respond when action is required. We are delighted to say that all their efforts paid off and last year was a superb millésime both for Maison Gabriel Meffre and all our winery’s winegrowing partners!

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about… Syrah!

What qualities does this iconic grape variety offer? We’ve grown Syrah at our vineyards for many decades now, but what are its main characteristics? Just a couple of questions to help explain why this star of the Rhône Valley is an essential component in our red and rosé wines and how it still has a few tricks up its sleeve to delight us!